Polls and Screens

You can participate in polls in any main channel on Twitch. Just send   !vote #pollname #option   in Twitch chat. Sometimes poll options can be teams. Watch our broadcast to find poll names and use a table below to find a hashtag of each participating team. You can vote at most one time per poll.

You can also vote for the team you want to see on split screen twitch.tv/icpclive2. For that you have to submit   !show #team_hashtag   or   !show camera #team_hashtag   or   !show screen #team_hashtag   in the corresponding Twitch chat. The team will be added to the queue only after at least 3 votes. You can vote at most one time per minute.
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World Finals 2017

Rapid City, USA

World Finals 2016

Phuket, Thailand

World Finals 2015

Marrakesh, Morocco